From: Patryk Janiszewski
Date: Tuesday, Nov 17, 2009


Hi, my name is Patryk Janiszewski, I'm 27 years old. I am  a college dropout with no qualifications. I used to struggle to make a living by working as an inspector at a rubber factory!


Today I no longer have any of those worries. Ever since I came up with my website flipping system I have been living like royalty.

...I Will Teach You How To Start Out Making $1000 A Week Through A couple Of Short Hours Of Easy Work!!"

The King Realizes That You Are A Total Dead Beat So He Was Nice Enough To Come Up With A System That Will Show You How To Eventually Sit On Your Lazy Ass And Quadruple Your Profits As You Use Other People To Do 100% Of Your Work…

Best Thing About It Is That These People Will Love You For All The Work That You Are Providing While You Are Laughing Your Head Off And Growing Richer…



NO - This does NOT involve: Hard Work, Risking Your Money, Special Skills, Scamming, Spam or any Adsense Methods whatsoever…



The Website Flipping King has invented a simple method that works for ANYONE - no matter what your age, sex, education, skill level, or background.


This is the easiest way ever to make damn good money from flipping websites every single week  – No headaches to deal with especially since the King is so touched that you are buying his secrets that he is offering you free lifetime support.


Costs NOTHING To run – other than buying  your domain names this system won’t cost you a penny to get started and begin earning money.



Overnight Results – Follow the King’s simple, hassle free method to get rich fast!! You Will See Big results (= money in the bank) in just 2 weeks… or less! The King’s First Flip Only Took  2 Days…. Your Not The King!!!





If you have been struggling to make money flipping sites  or just don't know exactly where to start then I have the solution you are looking for….


...I lived from pay check to pay check for over 4 years until I got fired just 3 weeks before I was due to receive a decent bonus…


I know exactly what it's like to work for somebody else who in fact doesn‘t give a rat‘s ass about you. Trying to work a 9 to 5 is a complete waste of time, take my advice and get fired so that you can concentrate on learning my system , while sitting at home and collecting unemployment (like I did)... like you should be.



While sitting at home and collecting unemployment I made a shocking discovery that would allow anyone to live the life of a king, and start making money online immediately without any risk! Period……


It’s extremely easy to make money flipping sites online and if you too would like to make some quick and easy cash , while simply side stepping all the usual hard work involved with the unsuccessful systems that the other guys are selling then you need to incorporate my totally unique, never before seen methods.


To sum it all up in a nutshell, you can spare yourself the time, frustrations and stress involved in establishing a profitable website flipping business by simply following the easy methods that will be delivered to you by the King.


Here's How:

Finally, I am sharing my fool proof quick and easy website flipping secrets with a few lucky individuals. As I am Offering Unlimited Life Time Advice And Support For Every Customer ... I am limited to the amount of systems that I can sell. This can be good or bad.


If you are one of the jerks that misses out by waiting too long then I can’t feel sorry for you. On the other hand, if you act now while my system is still available then you will not have to worry about all those other jerks flooding your market.


You Will Have No Competition

and with all the sources that I will furnish you with you will quickly realize that the website flipping market is as deep as the Grand Canyon even though you thought it was just a pothole.


You have just stumbled upon a system so powerful that it can have you making serious profits in a matter of days, and yet so easy and simple that a 17 year old can do it. Well at least my little cousin can. He is only seventeen and making an easy $800 a week off my system. Of course he is able to achieve this easily with my guidance and support.


The same guidance and support that I have promised to offer you, but  you better act fast!! I can’t do this for everybody. For the sake of both you and your family’s future, you must read the rest of this letter and let me prove to you beyond a reasonable doubt that this is what you have been waiting and hoping for. Don’t you want to live like a king?



Site flippers would be making a killing if they only knew my secrets, Unfortunately for them but very fortunately for you the internet is flooded with a bunch of garbage. People get suckered into buying a website flipping system that either doesn’t work or involves so much work that you could never do it on your own in a million years.


Listen, the other guys claim that they make so much money with their systems  but why would you mess with the rookies when you can learn from the KING!   


Messing with those other guys will have you saying “damn those credit cards“, you will be spending so much time in front of the computer that  your wife will leave you. You don’t want that do you? How much time and money are you going to keep wasting on your famous “ brilliant ideas” that never get you anywhere?


I've gone through a ton of information, tested useless techniques and made a sh** load of mistakes.


I am telling you this because I want you to know where I am coming from. I know the true definition of a hard knock life and know all about the disheartening problems that come along when you are first starting out, desperately hoping that you can get something to work for you online and I don't want YOU to go through ANY of it!


More importantly I understand how hard it is for most people and the problems, embarrassment, heartaches and discouragement that most people will go through before they finally end up giving up completely. It was definitely only my sheer determination and pride that kept me going through the struggle.


But it wasn't until I got fired from my job until I had the time to fully engulf myself into the world of site flipping and with my eagerness and determination I made the discovery that changed my life! Imagine running into a broken ATM that was spitting out hundred dollar bills at you, because this is how I felt. My first week I was so heavily addicted that I made between 300-400 dollars per day. It wasn’t easy and I did miss a couple of nights sleep but I knew then what I wanted to do.


There was this incredible realization that was staring me right in the face nearly the whole time, that there has to be an easier and quicker way to do this. There has to be some kind of system!


I just hadn't 'seen' it because I was too busy listening to what all the gurus were peddling instead of doing any thinking for myself!

I realized that there was a way of flipping sites that was completely different to what everyone, including all the 'website flipping guru's' were (and still are) teaching.


And if this could work for a factory worker who dropped out of college without any qualifications then how much more do you think it would work for someone like you!


Now before I start telling you about my secret system you will need to be aware of what it's like for most people starting out trying to make money online and the unethical scam of the guru...


Let me tell you there is an absolute ton of web site flipping information on how to make money flipping websites - what most of us know as ‘website flipping‘. This has been fed to us through an endless supply of ebooks and courses. Have you heard the term information overload lately?……


A vast majority of these informative products are just a bunch of worthless garbage, some of it is just brilliant and the rest of it just falls somewhere in-between. There is an unlimited amount of info out there that you would have to spend all of your spare time reading, studying and having to waste more and more of your hard earned cash on the next greatest thing.


It’s a wonder anyone ever gets started. Eighty-five percent of the people will take in the information and waste it by not doing anything with it. Of those that do, most will have spent a small fortune on ‘website flipping’ and ‘making money’ information products.

They put up a website, spend more money on advertising only to find out they're losing money - fast! Most will give up at this point. After-all, if you are in a full time job with a family to look after, actually doing all this can take an age to learn and get done.


Out of those who reach this point there will only be a hardcore few that will actually stick with the program. 


After more hard work and more precious time (and maybe even a few more hundred dollars on the latest and greatest website flipping info) some will finally start making some money – but a very small percentage indeed.




Unless You Are Using My Formula - It’s Gonna Be Damn Hard!!

Maybe I shouldn‘t have said that, perhaps some of you guys didn’t want to hear it and will go back to hiding under a rock now.

But of course this is not you  …


And if it is, then so be it – I refuse to apologize for telling you exactly how it is.
And believe me I know - I have spent over 2 years trying to work it all out.

My goal is to start you out with the minimal amount of work possible. Once we get trough this painless shortcut stage you can say goodbye to having to have anything to do with the following while getting filthy rich.   - Say Goodbye to these forever:



Hassle #1 Marketing. (This will involve a heck of a lot of techniques along with continual testing & tweaking)

Hassle #2 Setting Up Websites.

Hassle #3 Setting Up Blogs.

Hassle #4 Setting Up Forums.

Hassle #5 Tracking everything from keywords, traffic, ads etc.

Hassle #6  marketing and testng.


Check Out What I Just Bought In Cash With The Profits That I Have Made From Website Flipping!



With all that said, I’m pretty sure that you can infer that this is all a pain in the butt !

It’s really not all so bad sitting around the house all day with plenty of loot to spend!!


However, I can tell you now that most people don’t have it like this!

Your average Joe works a 9 – 5 (if not more),and has a family to look after and spend time with.


Your average Joe doesn’t have much cash to invest either. Instead he is up to his ears in debt and constantly looking for a risk to take as a way out. Which is exactly why a person like this will desperately try to buy up every last bit of info that he/she can find pertaining to internet money making.


This is nothing like anyone has ever seen before. Before I show you why let me just show you exactly how many people have been conned - Who knows? Maybe even YOU!?...



Okay, so everybody knows that there are thousands of scams out there on the internet and when it comes to making money products and especially Website Flipping there are several of these hyped up claims essentially all saying something to the extent of:

“I made $50,000 (or another outrageous figure) overnight just by following this simple program and You can too.


And you know what? Call me crazy but I will tell you that it is true.

I wouldn’t doubt not for a single minute that they really actually achieve this.


The only problem is they convince you that you can make the same big amounts of money overnight - if you just click the pay button and fork over the $297 for their new course.


Don’t Fall For It! You Can’t  – Especially if you are starting from scratch. They already have their framework in place: Over time, they have built their business up. They built their contacts, even a huge customer email list and an even larger subscriber list.

You have nothing – Especially if you are just starting out.


So some poor chap buys it - and gets upset when he doesn’t make his $50,000 before the end of the week. They sold this clown a dream and now he assumes that all this ‘making money on the internet is all a scam and that none of it will work’.

It does work when executed properly, but it’s damn hard - especially for a beginner. It will take time, a serious commitment and hard work.




I would be delighted to invite you to share the massive opportunities of making money on the internet today  . Any bum off the street can make money from  the comfort of home using the power of the internet, and with no start up costs at all!


My simple method will allow anyone to make money online without learning any fancy techniques whatsoever.


By simply just following the simple step-by-step formula that I have laid out for you anyone can begin supplementing their income in just two short days of work.


..and with absolutely zero work after the initial "starting flip". I have already described to you just how simple it is. The sooner you start the sooner you will start earning the spare cash to stop worrying and start living a hassle free life.


If you can surf the web, send and receive email, and know how to use basic word processing software such as Microsoft Word, then you are more than qualified to do this


Don’t hesitate because if you start today it will only get better for you. There is no limit on the amount of these income streams you can create. If you would be happy with a dependable full-time weekly payout it can be achieved easily as you will soon see.




You can  start making money immediately from your first project (remember that you set your own income) - you will be able to profit tremendously from just around 2 hours of easy work. When starting out you will spread small projects out during the week in order to easily generate the kind of profits that are  equivalent to a  full time wage. Most likely you will make way more per week from this and doing nothing more - but I'm not going to sell you a dream by absolutely guaranteeing these results.


There will be times where you may need to put in a little more time, but only 30-45 minutes a day, not including weekends. Even if you are already making insane profits on autopilot, doing this will greatly increase them. Different projects will produce different results.


The point that I am trying to make is that my system works and the money is there for the taking. As they say, “ you better get it while the getting is good”….But I cannot (and will not) guarantee that you will be making thousands and thousands of dollars automatically from just 20 minutes setting up your very first project.


If that's not what you were wanting to hear then all I can say is I'm sorry - this isn't for you. This is a real and genuine opportunity and is NOT another silly get rich quick scheme or 'pie in the sky' theory.


Yes, My system will take you step- by- step and hold hands with you while you earn nice profits - but as with all good things it will take a little patience and persistence.

Does that sound like it is pretty reasonable to you? Well, good then...



If you just follow the step-by-step plan it will shock me if you don't easily manage to make an extra few hundred bucks per week pure profit from doing this! And if you stick with it and continue to do this, there's no reason why you wouldn’t be able to make thousands of dollars, each and every month from this.

Would you like to see some proof?


I wanted to be able to show you some actual results that can be easily achieved using the 'Website Flipping King‘ system. So I set up a brand new project starting on May 6th , 2009 to put my own system to the test!



I set up this test and it took me less than a total of 4 hours spread out over a week to set up,  Monday through Friday only because I like to take my weekends off!


On the 12th of May 2009 it had made me $4,392.27 pure profit. Keep in mind that this is just one project. You can set up as many of these as your heart desires - The sky is the limit when it comes to these projects. You can choose to be spitting them out or you can take your time. Anyway, let’s get back to the project. Here are the actual screenshots of the money generated from my test project...


Check out how much money I made from this quick and easy little project that  I set up to start on May 6th, 2008...


All of this is from payments that I received in my Paypal account on the
 6th through the 12th of May, 2009:


Note that the total income was $4,392.27 for just under one week (6th-12th of May) - Counting 6 days - that's $18,100.00 a month!


This can be very realistic and achievable for you with the Website Flipping King’s system - I'm not one to try and fill you full of Tom Fullery with promises of millions, but I wanted to put the proof of real results you can get from a couple of hours of following my simple system, right in front of your eyes.


So the total income I received for little under a week was $4,525.00


That's $18,100.00 a month


Or $217,200.00 a year


And that is just one project - you can have as many as you like - and each one will only take a few hours 'setting up'.


$350 On May 7th
$875 On May 7th
$300 On May 11th
$1000.00 On May 11th
$2,000 On May 12th

Now there are some hidden fees that I did not mention above...

You see, paypal has to make their money off you to stay in the game...

So on the $4,525.00 they got me for $132.73.....

This really sucks but everybody has to pay it....

So now we subtract $132.73 from $4,525.00 = $4,392.27= Pure Profit


I brought all this up just to prove that YOU can easily Make this kind of money yourself. In fact you will probably do much better!


If an ex-factory worker who dropped out of college can do this, how much more of a chance of success do you think you could have?


You have the potential to do a lot better!


And remember you will only be doing the work yourself for the first few projects and from there on it‘s all cupcakes and cookies. If you can send and receive emails and can use a computer to look at websites, and use a word processor such as Microsoft word - you already have all the skills you need to do this!


The King will lead the way as you follow in my footsteps to reach the path to success.  When you realize how simple and profitable this simple website flipping system is, you'll be running to go into this head first and really start bringing home the dough .


The more you repeat the simple process, the more cash you'll roll in.

Every single step...from the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How, is laid out for you in a ground breaking new course:


‘Website Flipping King’



The "Website Flipping King" is an easy to understand course, it is loaded with almost 50 pages of solid info. Finally,! The system that will turn your dreams into a quick reality...

...even if you are currently broke, have little time and don’t even want to know about anything technical!.



 You will be shocked to find out how much money you have been missing out on when you start getting these quick results... You can’t help but learn from a course that’s written in Plain English!


>>Click Here To Reserve Your Copy Today<<

And what's really great is that it comes packed with sources and your very own checklist so that you don’t miss a step


But that's only the tip of the iceberg.


Here's just a small portion of what else you'll discover in the “Website Flipping King":


Forget all the technical and complicated stuff! You Can Make Money With This Even If You Can Barely Sign In To Your Email Account!

Complete A-Z Check List Of Every little minor thing that you must do in order to start making remarkeable profits. - Page #11

How to get other people desperate to do all your work while you kick back and get paid! You will get all the necessary tools and sources to keep you from doing a thing- Page #32


How To Flip Minisites For Maximum Profit Without Any Effort spend less than 30 minutes a day. - Page #2

How to make money using other peoples sites that does not involve you promoting anything yourself. You're not selling a product, you're not dealing with customers, you're not even going to be doing one single bit of marketing yourself. - Page #15

How to use any Site To Make Money (Does NOT Involve SEO, Pay-Per-Click or any kind of advertising! - Page #20

The Best Kept‘Blog Flipping’ Secret that rakes in even more cash for you without you lifting a finger - Page #25

Turn your forum into a community within less than a week Without Hiring Those Forum Posters That Will Never Do The Job Right! The Ultimate Flip! - Page #38

Endless Income Opportunities That Will Never Run Dry – You Can Make Money With This From Now & Forever More!

Make Money From practically ANYWHERE in the world - all you need is access to a computer with an internet connection.


You'll have an easy to follow, step by step plan at your fingertips...and it's all written in easy-to-understand language so you can actually use it!


>>Click here to reserve your copy now<<


I don't expect you to take my word for it though! See what others who have already seen my course have to say. By the way I didn't ask for these. As soon as people started seeing my course these totally unsolicited testimonials started to pour in...



"Website Flipping King Rocks The House!"

I can't even begin to explain how much more advanced this system is than the rest, everyone else is still livng in the stone age. This system that you came out with is a masterpiece. I wouldn't know how else to describe it. Any one who has not taken advantage of your generous offer is just a square.

Elizabeth Herron

"Hi there,

" Just got your system last week. Even though I haven't tried any of your methods yet, I found the material to be sensational. You have amazed me with all your methods, but the one I am going to try first is your forum flipping. I can't believe that I haven't tried this sooner. I will keep you posted on how it turns out.

Mike Wrenn


You really are a genius buddy!! wow! This is some powerful stuff. Are you sure you didn't go to college? I have read almost every siteflipping book on the market and none of them even half-way covers what you are offering. I gotta give you props bro!

Will S. Watkins

"Website Flipping King,

I understand exactly how you got your name! I have been a marketer for over 5 years and just recently started your system. After being in for just 4 weeks I have easily made well over $10,000. Thank you so much for sharing this information with me at such a cheap price. You really oughta sell this kind of info for like $1,000. I would have paid the price to get this! Louis S.


Time for a short "Reality Check". Reading it back, I am concerned that this is beginning to sound like one of those "get-rich-quick" scams that promise you the earth but deliver nothing except a lighter wallet.

That could not be further from the truth. What I am sharing with you today is a special "money loop" if you will, in a multi million dollar industry. It's a real business.


As in any genuine business, you WILL have to put some effort in to get results. This system does not promise to make you a millionaire overnight from sitting around in your underwear all day!


What it does reveal is possibly the simplest genuine method for the average person without any marketing skills or online assets to start building real wealth immediately within hours of implementing it.


And that's guaranteed. If for any reason - or even no reason at all - you are not completely convinced that this simple to follow "just copy me and make money" plan cannot make you a very nice part time or even full time income, then you pay me NOTHING. More on this shortly.


>>Click Here To Reserve Your Copy Now<<



"Website Flipping King,

I love it, just love it! The concepts are simple but yet genious. I used to work my head off and still struggle as a single mom. Ever since your system came along my luck has changed. I can now enjoy having time for myself and my daughter.

Shelley Parker

"Hello Good Sir,

I would like to personally thank you for contributing such crucial information for website flippers. Your system has opened my doors to all sorts of great opportunities. Your system has really done it for me.


Phillip Kordsmeier

"Hello Friend,

Your systems are amazing!! I have never had this much success with any other product. I can say that it is well worth the money considering that I have already made my money back x10.

Best Regards,

Sruti Anvidar

"Hello there,

Your systems have been a blessing to me. I am impressed! You really do deliver like a king. Thanks for helping me get it going. I will keep in touch.

Many Thanks,"

Jason Owens


Do you know what really excites me about this? There are literally no limits on the amounts of income streams you can set up with this easy to follow system. I mean that. The potential here is limitless.


What's even better is this system can bring you in a residual income that will pay you consistently for months if not years to come, and all it took was an initial "set up" which took less than two hours. Or less than fifteen minutes if you use the piece of software I will reveal to you.


In a normal boring nine to five job you have to work two hours to get two hours pay. Using the Automated Cash Formula you can work two hours and make money for months and months to come.

This means that the only real limit to the amount of money you can make is your time and effort. The more time you put in, the more money you will make - it really is that simple.

And what's really exciting is that…


You Can Start Doing This In About 90 Seconds From Now!



But no, you have probably already spent a small fortune on stuff that doesn’t work…and I genuinely want you to succeed. I’m so confident that this is the opportunity that you have been hoping, even dreaming for…



Instead of fumbling around trying to learn how to make websites, create products and learn thousands of marketing techniques you can test drive my Website Flipping King System for just $67 entirely at my risk!


$67 is peanuts for an easy profit system that could set you up for life compared to the $100’s others have paid on information that was either useless, too complicated or too time consuming to actually make a real go of.


I’m sure you'd agree… it's a small price to pay to actually be able to create automatic income streams That Can Make You Big Profits, Everyday, On Auto-Pilot For Months to come.


And that's just what you'll have once you put the Website Flipping King to work for you.


I'm virtually committing financial suicide by offering this at such a low price. I know what it's like to be scammed and out right ripped off. I also know the long, hard route of the usual way of building an online business, and it is a sad fact that most people who start will give up disillusioned and disheartened.


So I want to offer you a genuine opportunity that will make you avoid this and truly fast-track your way to online profits. But this rock-bottom pricing is for a limited time only and I plan on marking the price up very soon to more reflect the true value of this groundbreaking course.


And I know for some that $67 is not a small amount, so I am going to take all the pressure off with:


You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking a look. And if that's not enough for you already...

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from my sweet offer!!What are you waiting for? Act now before it's too late. Don't be the same loser that I was just a couple of years ago. Not only will you be getting Website Flipping King but also this FlipSitesAndGrowRich, a $47 dollar value, FREE!!!



To your success in business and life,


Patryk Janiszewski


Now, like I said earlier, these are the same techniques I've mastered and I crank out 6 figures every year. If you follow the system it’s impossible to go wrong.

So my advice IF you want your life back …don’t waste any more time…start making serious money…TODAY!


P.S. Stop wondering how the “Guru’s” are making money. Start ripping them off instead! Really it’s perfectly legal, not even a whiff of unethical. It’s just being smart and using competitive intelligence to your advantage.


P.P.S Every single day you delay…every time you go off to work again for another long day you throw away your chance to change your life forever.


P.P.P.S With the full no questions asked 60 day guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain…


P.P.P.P.S WebSiteFlippingKing is 'THE' eye-opener. You thought you couldn't do it, but I'll show you step-by-step…you can and YOU will…


For a limited time only!!! Get YOUR FREE Website Flipping King T-Shirt with your order


Click Here To Try Website Flipping King Risk Free!!

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